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Passivhaus Informed Architecture

Homes that are kind to the environment are good for everyone. At Absolute Architecture sustainable design has always underpinned all our new build and home improvement projects. We work with eco consultants and green specialist suppliers to obtain the analytical data that will inform the design of your home. Our dedication to this practice is evident through our Passivhaus accreditation as well as our founder, Kate Cooper, proudly serving as a sustainability judge for the RIBA Design Awards.

What is Passivhaus?

Holding responsibility for 35% of total global energy consumption, buildings are a significant culprit of carbon emissions. Passivhaus is a building standard developed over 30 years on international evidence. A tried and tested solution, the standard provides a range of proven approaches to deliver net-zero-ready new and existing buildings optimised for a decarbonised grid and augmented for occupant health and wellbeing.

When a home has been fully designed and constructed following this standard evidence is submitted to the Passivhaus Trust by Absolute Architecture. Certification is awarded to the building subject to independent verification to ensure the building, as built, fully complies with the standard. This is a highly detailed process that delivers a superior quality of design and construction.

Green Home Architecture

Homes that are kind to the environment are good for everyone. At Absolute Architecture sustainable design underpins all of our new build and home improvement projects. We aim to reduce your carbon footprint by designing healthy natural homes that are a joy to live in and efficient to run.

Good ‘green’ architecture is not just about low carbon materials and clever technologies. Green homes are about fundamental architectural principles of mass, orientation and ventilation. Great environmental design is good for your health and your wallet.

We design buildings to function passively and use the best in sustainable products, modern methods of construction and renewable technologies. We work with expert eco-consultants to provide virtual modelling of our designs and detailed lifecycle analysis, enabling us to optimise building specification and performance. By staying on top of new developments, we are able to bring the latest elements of trusted sustainable design and construction into your home.

“We are delighted with both the outcome of our project, and the experience of working with Absolute Architecture to achieve it”

– KH, Mortimer, West Berkshire

Architects looking after your carbon footprint

You can make sustainable living part of your lifestyle. We’ve got the valuable experience of designing eco houses that comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes, and wherever possible, we implement the energy-saving measures to save you money. See below to discover how we can help.

Eco-friendly building form

Absolute Architecture can help you save money and energy by stabilising your home’s internal temperatures throughout the year. Using eco-friendly building form in our architecture designs, we maximise natural light, solar gain and passive ventilation.

Sustainable building fabric

Want a house where both you and the home can breathe? Using our experience in eco-friendly architecture design, Absolute Architecture uses natural insulation materials and a controlled ventilation strategy to make energy efficient buildings that are constructed to be air tight.

Green home building systems

Absolute Architecture can transform your home into an energy efficient building that functions as a true ecosystem. To create a sustainable home design, we encourage alternative fuel and home supply sources, better home controls, as well as efficient lighting and plumbing design.


It was extremely important to us that the new build, whilst meeting our accommodation needs should also be in keeping with its environment and our budget. Absolute Architecture offered several different design options and we opted for a linear building which we felt suited the site. The building construction and materials suggested has ensured the building has blended well into its environment and offers us a comfortable, practical, energy efficient home which we continue to be delighted with and we would not hesitate in recommending the services of Absolute Architecture.

– S & P
Newbury, Berkshire

Eco architecture for your everyday lifestyle

Absolute Architecture work with eco consultants and green specialist suppliers to obtain the analytical data that will inform the design of your home. We also believe in intelligent buildings and aim to install management systems that are simple to use and effective, as well as time and cost saving.

We have particular experience in retrofitting both period and mid-century homes to substantially enhance the thermal efficiency of these buildings, reducing running costs and creating a more comfortable living environment.

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Providing tailored support and services to see homes all the way through their transformation, Absolute Architecture are the go-to residential architecture business for ambitious dream homes that require a little extra creativity, inspiration or planning expertise. We are a RIBA Chartered and Passivhaus accredited practice based in Newbury, Berkshire. Absolute Architecture serves Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and surrounding areas.



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